Repair Estimate Report

The Repair Estimate Report is an awesome tool to help with your real estate negotiations. A written report of estimated repair costs will greatly speed up your transaction and make the process easier. You can easily create a repair addendum with only the items you’re asking for as part of your purchase/sale contract.

  • The repair estimate report is based upon findings in the written inspection report.
  • The report is delivered within 48 hours of ordering, guaranteed.
  • No need to contact multiple contractors, pay extra fees, or wait for estimates.
  • Cost estimates are based on local area prices based on the property zip code.
  • The report will put the cost of repair into an easy-to-understand format.
  • Greatly speed up the negotiation process for any real estate transaction.

Prepared by a neutral third-party company and designed specifically to assist all parties in the real estate negotiation process. The Repair Estimate Report is also an excellent companion to the Seller Home Inspection and report.

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